How to Survive Part Time Education and Full Time Employment

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that working a full time job and going to school part time will be easy. Some think they can handle a light course load when they first sign up for a part time advanced education program, but it isn’t long after classes begin that they realize it is difficult to balance the course responsibilities with a full time job that pays the bills.

If you have children or other obligations that you have to take care of as well, then it can be even more difficult to go to school part time. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it. In fact, doing this now could open doors of opportunity that make for a much easier future.

You just have to understand right from the start that it is going to be difficult. You can then plan ahead so that things are at least manageable at all times.

Predicting Problems

You have to be very honest with yourself and predict all possible problems that could come up once you start attending part time classes. Think of every little thing from a babysitter not showing up to watch your children in the evening to getting sick and being unable to attend classes.

Any little thing that could present an obstacle during the course of your part time coursework should be seriously considered here.

Finding Solutions in Advance

Once you know what problems could complicate things while you are working and going to school, you can plan ahead to tackle those problems. Have a back up babysitter who can come in on short notice just in case your regular babysitter doesn’t show up, gets sick, or otherwise doesn’t work out.

Have back up plans in place for anything you think could make life difficult during your school sessions. If this means hiring extra childcare so you can go straight from work to class or changing the location of your child care center so it is more convenient to your school, you do it ahead of time.

Problems won’t seem so overwhelming when they occur if you have thought about them in detail ahead of time.

Value of Self Confidence

As you work through all of the obstacles that could prevent you from successfully making it through a part time course while working, you will start to gain confidence in your ability to do this. You are embracing that it is going to be difficult, but as you find solutions for every potential problem you see that it is possible and there is hope.

Some of the most successful businesspeople today struggled while working full time jobs and going to school part time. They spent many years juggling their life responsibilities and eventually it paid off.

That is exactly where you are right now. If you are considering a part time degree program to help advance your career, you have to keep your mind tuned to the end results. Rather than thinking about how difficult things are going to be in the short term, think of how much easier things could be for you in the future when the degree is obtained and you secure a much better job.

Rather than focusing on all the obstacles preventing you from completely that degree program, find solutions and jump over the obstacles so you can complete that degree program.

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